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Haven Under Siege
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in Haven Under Siege developement's LiveJournal:

Friday, October 22nd, 2004
10:12 pm
Making items for the module
This is the proposed list of item type identifiers to be included in resrefs.

The overall resref format will be "[identifier]_XX_YY" with XX being a 'level' for the item and YY being a unique integer incremented by 1 for each item at a given level.
(eg, bracers_15_1 being the first level 15 bracer in the pallette and bracers_15_43 being the 43rd)

Base item type 10 byte or less identifier
BASE_ITEM_ARMORarmor_c, armor_l, armor_m, armor_h
Monday, October 11th, 2004
2:09 am
More background thoughts
Well, if we're actually saying the Empire took over pretty much the entire geographic area, which Haven is on the edge of, then at the very least haven was away from the core of the maelstrom (good name, that, what do you think?)

I like the name! But, surely Haven would have their own uber-magical thingy, which would make them a target?

Perhaps _they_ were the family with the magic-nullifying artifact so knew what it would do and stopped relying on magic for that reason and they set it off to protect themselves?

It does have a certain style value, doesn't it? And it's nice that they used it against the empire. If they hadn't used it they could have saved themselves from the pale kingdom, the mageocracy, everybody...

The previous lord of haven was not a very nice man at all and was the cause of the whole arms race and maelstrom by threatening the rest of the empire with Revalation.
He died when things first kicked off but Revalation still had to be used just to prevent total destruction of everything...


Quick question - how much time passes between the malestrom and the start of the server?

Hmmm, well, at least years. Since you're dealing with a race of elves as the people in charge you can take centuries over it if you want. In fact, given the time it would take the people that were subjugated by the Empire to regain some degree of autonomy and move past subsitence level you'd reasonably be talking about a Fallout scenario with Vault 11 as Haven (so about 60 years) and the pale kingdom as the Master and Mageocracy as the Enclave. Just proves there's no new stories considering how good a match that is...

300-400 years

the previous lord of haven was only threatening to use Revelation. He knew that if he did he'd be destroying a lot of his own territory by severing so much magic. When Revelation was used there wasn't time to prepare for it so a lot of Haven still lost out by it.


Time passes during which the new Lord of Haven oversees the reconstruction of his territories and trys to make the best of things for his subjects. Everyone is suitably impressed with his ability to rule wisely and compassionately.
Envoys are sent out to contact other survivors but the results of the Maelstrom are still too fresh and virulent, the envoys either don't come back or return after being attacked by gribblies or just warped by so much magic. However, the area directly under the primary effect of Revelation is pretty safe so reconstruction goes ahead, with border patrols on the slowly fading border or 'nasty magic land'. Over the years refugees occasionally come stumbling out of the chaos with horrible stories of the desolation and horror beyond haven's calm borders. They settle in the comparatively idyllic land that has become Haven (it needs to have had a different name before the 'present')
12:15 am
Notes on the Server's history, taken from ICQ conversations
Perhaps the Magocracy shouldn't, in that case, make contact with Haven until a bit later? The Diviners Guild are fleeing, and they run into forward scouts sent by Haven. They're super-keen to move to Haven and help fight the Pale Kingdom, and they'd do an admirable job of helping out. They direct various, succesful attacks against the Pale Kingdom, but leave the undead to the north alone.

Magocracy scouts finally arrive from the North through the Pale Kingdom's forces and into Haven. They find the Diviners, and alert the rest of the Magocracy. There's one giant rumble as most of the Magocracy come crossing over the river and into the rear of the Pale Kingdom.

The Magocracy/Pale Kingdom conflict to the north causes huge amounts of damage, and generally ruins whatever habitable land there was there, but the Magocracy are pushed back. The Diviners then marshal Haven's troops to beat up the weakened Pale Kingdom people there.

That way you don't explain the link straight away between the Diviners and the Magocracy, but make it so that it could be hinted at.


You could have a faction that doesn't survive the war be the one that says they're going to help, then turns on Haven? Haven would probably be able to crush the minor faction, which would explain why they're not in the "later" version of the server, but it'd cost a lot to put these guys down..


The one advantage of having a faction that survives through to the later version being enlisted by the players is that they should be given the first opportunity to defect when the opportunity becomes available on the server. Sort of saying, "Well, everyone here hates you - but Faction X is going to be quite happy to have you"

That should certainly be the mageocracy...

Perhaps... If the land to the north of Haven is totalled by the Golem-on-undead mass property damage (it's not really a 'slaughter' is it?) we can have the silly people that backed baddy factions get exiled there? That's be towards the broken tooth mountains too, so they could, in theory, join the orcs or even the free traders, but they'd be within contact distance of the mageocracy...

Sounds good then. We may only need a few factions that will turn on Haven and get stepped on. In fact, you could probably have quests for PCs that want to help the baddy faction turn on Haven. The faction would get crushed in the end, but they'd have the fun of trying to bring down Haven.


*thought* Ivory tower? Magical fallout? Weird Law-entity something produced as a result of some artifact or other?

I imagine it'd be something that spawned out of what happened, and decided that it wasn't going to ever happen again - so it's all for law and order. No more chaos, no thank you.


I was thinking it would be handy to have something that actually stopped a lot of the magical wurble-blambles from being as destructive as they could have been and, as a handy side effect, neutralised most of the normal magical creations of the Empire... which, given that they probably relied on magical enhancement for nearly everything, probably trashed the infrastructure of a lot of places (your average empire citadel could have stood up purely due to enchantments in the stone, take that away and crunch! heap o' rubble)

We could have some of the city-remains use the Illithid; plus it'd give nice character to each area if they had distinct tilesets...

that's a good idea. Beholder caves might be nice.

In fact, how about this: The Empire was going to have it's origin in the mountains, why not have a hefty percentage of underground construction for any given building?


You could be actually rather cruel and have villages which survived the fall, and are hostile to everyone. If you want, you can wade through the whole village, slaughtering every man woman and child who's trying to defend it from the horrible, most likely tainted outsiders.

And then switch their alignment to evil.

works for me. you might want to have the guards set to hostile but the commoners set to 'herbivore' style AI (i.e. they turn hostile but run away, like the kobolds in the cave in SoU)
Friday, August 20th, 2004
10:22 pm
An overhaul under the hood, already!
I've just had a look at the NWNX program and APS scripts I was using to inject persistence and database access and compared them with NWN-FF which has the exact same functionality (plus some other random bits) with about 1/100th of the processor load (if used well, and believe me, I intend to use it well)

As an example of the superiority of the system, a normal call of a single variable stored on the PC is under half as many lines of code, uses fewer variables overall, uses far fewer variables stored in memory at any one time, uses a SQL request directly (instead of translating it from end-user into SQL and back) and gets passed to a program that is several times smaller and tighter than NWNX.

All in all I'm happy with the vast amount of extra real coding I'll have to do since it'll tighten up the processor load from the server a good 10% as it currently stands and something like 60 - 80% if we run encounter tables and loot tables from the database, which was my original intention if I could muster the wherewithall to do it.

You can tell I like what I've managed to muddle through of this thing so far, can't you? ;-)

Current Mood: geeky
Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
11:13 pm
What with all this talk of actually getting things done regarding the server, I've started thinking about the troops of the Magocracy - and, in turn - the troops of the other factions.

Troops belonging to any given faction are going to be hostile to at least one player character, which means that they're going to have to be regulated somewhat. Are we going to simply say that each person in charge of the faction gets to design their own troops, or do we give some kind of guidelines to make sure that no faction is too powerful in terms of the game?

Naturally, the Magocracy will pretty much exclusively use constructs for their troops. The only problem with this is that they're pretty beefy things; immunity to sneak attacks will cause lots of problems. To get round this, I was thinking about their being lower-challenge rating constructs, which have to be commanded remotely by a person. The operator could be sneak-attacked, causing the constructs to stop what they're doing. It'd certainly be nice to have in the places where players can take control of things on behalf of their faction.
Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
7:20 pm
Currently revising for retakes, but will take the summoners in hand once those are past.

Any suggestions? We've already worked out that they are going to be fundamentalist Gnomes who follow the spirits of the desert, which look rather like bebilths, and they have a bloodline related caste system, sort of.

Current Mood: creative
Thursday, August 12th, 2004
7:05 pm
Item banking.
Since the economy of the module is planned to be utterly crippled and since the most common variety of 'good' shops will be Quartermasters it was suggested that the module include a facility to store items rather than gold.
With this in mind I've been working through the theory with the aim of minimising the processor time required for the process. As it stands the solution is less than idea but at least it works.

What needs to be addressed now is the way in which the service is provided to players. Basically I'm looking for suggestions on how many items a player can store, associated costs etc. Bear in mind this will all be heavily modified by playtesting so this is purely to allow me to get the right sort of scripts in place etc etc.
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